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1.siapkan kertas origami sesuka warnamu yang ingin dipakai

2.gulung bolak balik kertas yang sudah disiapkan

3. lalu dibagi dua kertas yang sudah di gulung

4.lalu lem kertas yang sudah di bagi dua atau di tempel kipas itu dengan kreatif agar bagus

6.lalu hias kipas itu yang sangat kreatif agar bagus sebisa mungkin

7. jadilah kipas dari kertas origami



1. Siapkan plastisin yang akan di pakai

2. Ambil bagian sedang dari plastisin itu lalu dibuat menjadi bulat untuk bagian kepalanya

3. Lalu bikin bentuk oval untuk bagian badannya

4. Lalu bikin persegi panjang untuk kakinya

5. Ketika itu pakai plastisin warna hitam lalu bentuk bulat kecil untuk matanya

6. Lalu bikin hidung dari plastisin sebisa mungkin untuk kucing yang tidak punya hidung

7. Berikan telinga untuk kucing itu agar kucing itu lebih kreatif bikinlah sebisa mungkin

8. Dan terakhir berkan mulut kepada kucing dengan plastisin yang bewarna merah atau cokelat

9. Dan terakhir , buat kumisnya dengan digulung-gulung menjadi panjang lalu di tempel.

10. Jadilah kucing dari platisin



1. Siapkan kertas scrapbook dan kertas lainnya yang akan di pakai

• Print atau siapkan foto yang akan ditempel

• Atur peletakan foto di atas kertas scrapbook

2. Lem atau tempelkan fotonya

3. Beri hiasan sesuai selera

4. Beri keterangan / tulisan-tulisan di tempat yang tersisa

5. Jadilah scrapbook yang sempurna



1.Siapkan kertas-kertas yang akan dipakai

2. Sobek menjadi bagian - bagian kecil.

3. Campurkan dengan air secukupnya dan blender sampai halus. (Jika tidak diblender, juga bisa dengan menumbuk sendiri)

4. Jika sudah selesai, campurkan dengan lem PVA, aduk merata

5. Bentuk bubur kertas itu menjadi gunung

6. Tunggulah sampai kering.

7. Jika sudah kering, beri warna dengan menggunakan cat minyak, cat akrilik, cat emulsi, ataupun cat poster. Akan tetapi, biasanya yang terbaik adalah cat akrilik karena cepat kering dan warnanya bagus.

8. Tunggu sampai kering, lalu lapisi dengan vernis agar mengkilap.

9. Jadilah gunung dari bubur kertas

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Dance Theatre Arts

Dance Summer Camp

Welcome to Dance Theatre Arts Summer Workshop
30th May- 03rd June 2011
Dance Theatre Arts Summer workshop is based on the Russian Vaganova method of training and is designed to give participants an opportunity to dance at a higher level than their regular weekly classes.

Dance styles taught at the workshop will include, Classical Ballet (including pointe & variations), Jazz, Contemporary and Character dance. In addition, conditioning and acrobatic skills will also be introduced to all participants. This year’s workshop will be based on the ballet “Coppelia”, and students will be given exposure to the elements of the repertoire which constitute the ballet.

Attached is a copy of our application form. Do contact us at if you have further enquires. We look forward to working with you.

Yours Sincerely

Gwyneth & Melissa Har

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Schedule May 30th – June 3rd 2011
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
***9.15am- 10.15am Registration & Welcome
10am – 11.15am Ballet 1/2/3 Ballet 1/2/3 Ballet 1/2/3 ***10.30am -11.15am
Ballet 1/2/3 Ballet 1/2/3
11.15am – 11.30am Break Break Break Break Break
11.30am – 12.30pm Jazz/Contemp 1/2 Jazz/Contemp 1/2 Stage Combat Stage Combat Jazz/ Contemp
12.30pm-2pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2pm – 3pm Elective 1
(Song & Dance /Speech & Drama) Elective 1
(Song & Dance /Speech & Drama) Elective 1
(Song & Dance / Speech & Drama) Elective 1
(Song and Dance /Speech & Drama) Elective 1
(Song & Dance /Speech & Drama)
3pm – 4pm Elective 2
(Voice / Character Dance) Elective 2
(Voice / Character Dance) Elective 2
(Voice / Character Dance) Elective 2
(Voice / Character Dance) Elective 2
(Voice/ Character Dance)
4.00pm – 4.30pm Break Break Break Break Break
4.30pm – 5.15pm Elective 3
Pointe / Pre-pointe / Conditioning Elective 3
Pointe / Pre-pointe/ Conditioning Elective 3
Pointe / Pre-pointe/ Conditioning Elective 3
Pointe / Pre-pointe/ Conditioning Elective 3
Pointe / Pre-pointe/ Conditioning
5.15pm- 6pm Improvisation / Acro/ Conditioning Limber/ Stretch Conditioning Improvisation / Acro / Conditioning Combined Rehearsal Combined Rehearsal
***6pm – 6.45pm Open Day Peformance(TBC)

Teaching Faculty
Melissa Har
Melissa graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance & Education Studies. In Australia, she participated and won numerous competitions locally and regionally, thus receiving various international scholarships to participate in professional dance exchange and dance intensive programs throughout Australia and USA. This includes The English National Ballet --where she performed in the company’s production of Romeo and Juliet., Ballet Magnificat and School of the American Ballet.
Her classical ballet repetoire include The Nutcracker, Romeo & Juliet, Don Quixote, Le Esmerelda, Raymonda and Coppelia. She has also performed in numerous contemporary works by internationally acclaimed choreographers such as Jiri Kylian and Natalie Weir. Her Musical Theatre credits include Broadway's highly acclaimed Lion King in Sydney.
Melissa trained both the Royal Academy of Dance and Russian Vaganova methods. She is also competent in teaching contemporary, acrobatics, and jazz. In addition, she has coached students to participate in various local and international dance festivals and competitions. She choreographs full length dance works as well as musical theatre.

Gwyneth Har
Gwyneth Har is graduate in dance from the Victorian College of the Arts in Australia. She is a Royal Academy of Dance registered teacher (RAD RTS), and has teaching certification under the Australasian Arts Theatre of Dance (ATD). She studied the Russian Vaganova method under the late Madam Janina Cunova, one of the greatest teacher’s listed in the book “20th Century great Ballet Masters”. Gwyneth is experienced to perform and teach in various dance styles, and musical theatre.

Her performing credits include dance and musical theatre works in overseas arts festivals and competitions. She has done workshops and secondments with various internationally acclaimed companies including the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Stephen Petronio Dance Company and Bhatsheva Dance Company.
Gwyneth has trained and coached solo and competitive dance teams in Singapore and overseas, with her students achieving excellent results. This includes the prestigious RAD Adeline Genee Awards, Australian Ballet Scholarships, and the ATOD, Scholarships.
Gwyneth received her first education in Classical Ballet in Singapore under Miss Penny Low and Mrs Lorraine Simon.

Shalaka Ranadive
Shalaka, is an accomplished theatre, TV and film actress having acted and performed in serials and drama plays in India and UK for 15 years. Shalaka graduated from the MS University in India. She also holds a Certificate of Educational Studies, Speech and Drama with Distinction, from the College of Teachers (UK). She has conducted speech and drama workshops for children and adults and directed children for stage shows in schools London and Singapore.

Seong Hui Xuan
Hui Xuan graduated with a First-Class honours degree in Musical Theatre from LASALLE College of the Arts as is a practicing singer-dancer-actress.

She began her performance experience dancing onstage, having been trained in Ballet, Jazz and Modern from an early age, and later Tap. She later went on to teach and choreograph for students of all ages and has now been teaching dance for nearly 5 years (2010).
While at LASALLE, she had the privilege of working with international directors such as Shaun Murphy, Kaye Tuckerman and Terence O'Connell. Performance credits at LASALLE include: Sweet Charity (Helene), Nine (Stephanie Necrophorus), Nunsense (Sister Leo), Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Trisha), with her most memorable roles being Pirate Jenny in the musical cabaret show Siren and Linus in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Outside of LASALLE, she has played lead roles in XiGua (Players' Theatre, 2010), Georgette (MTL, 2007), The Odd Couple (female version) and René de Obaldia's The Babysitter.

Professional theatre credits include: The Full Monty (Pangdemonium, 2010), Waitress/Kit/Shona in Caryl Churchill's Top Girls (Wessex Theatre, 2009), Happiness (Skinned Knee Productions, 2009), Forbidden City (SRT, 2006) and Man of Letters (SRT, 2006).
Hui Xuan also plays “Ling the craft genius” in the okto TV series Club Magic.
Hui Xuan also has a passion for and experience in dance choreography, having taught and choreographed for many years, as well as devised work and writing.

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Electives Information
1)Participants may select up to 3 electives. Those who do not select the Pre-pointe / pointe elective must do a compulsory conditioning class during that time.
2) Participants in Musical Theatre Stream must choose Voice & Song and Dance elective.

Pre-pointe / Pointe & Variations (Pre pointe is open to participants 7yrs and above, pointe work is offered only to students 11 years and above who have begun pointe in their own home studio.)
In this elective you will learn exercises that will develop strength and correct muscle patterns of the feet and ankles for dancing on pointe. In addition you will learn a classical ballet variation from the classical ballets such as the Nutcracker, Swan Lake etc… as you would see performed on stage. (Variation from Coppelia TBC)
Character Dance
Character Dance is a specific subdivision of Classical Ballet. It is the stylised representation of a traditional folk or national dance, normally from a European country, and uses movements and music which have been adapted for the theatre. Character dance is integral to much of the classical ballet repertoire.
Speech and Drama
Speech and Drama supports all areas of child development and fosters a positive self image. Speech and Drama provides a creative outlet that allows children to express themselves through the use of voice and movement. Children are given opportunity to express themselves by using creative tools, manipulative materials and a variety of experiences to broaden their vocabulary, knowledge, imagination, perception and environment.
The aim is to provide students with a fun, relaxed and supportive learning environment through which confidence, assertiveness and speaking/ listening skills can be developed.

Song and Dance
Song and Dance elective, forms the basic elements of Musical Theatre. It will cover the basics of song-acting. The Introduction to Musical Theatre will include basic vocal technique, however a vocal class in addition to Song and Dance is recommended.
Vocal Technique
Vocal Technique introduces students to the basic techniques of singing. You will learn exercises to improve and strengthen your vocal range.

Accommodation Information.

1) International students will be housed in a self-contained apartment unit at the Praisehaven Retreat Centre, located at 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road. The apartment is serviced by reliable public transport to our studios. Alternatively, we can arrange for homestays with our current students.
2) Dance Theatre Arts will be providing a Chaperone service, for international the students throughout their stay in Singapore, at all hours outside scheduled workshop times.
3) All international students are expected to be in the care of the chaperone at all times outside workshop hours. International students who have relatives or family friends residing in Singapore and may want to meet up with them during after hours of the workshop, please indicate this on your application form. A parental consent form will be sent to you upon confirmation of your application.

Please refer to the payment information for accommodation charges.

Transportation Information

1) Please book your transport for arrival in Singapore on May 29th 2011, and departure on June 4th
2011. Arrival & departure dates outside of this time will incur extra costs.
2) Malaysian international students who are planning to travel by bus, are advised to travel by First Coach Services
3) Please return your transportation form to us latest by May 23th 2011.

(Please do not return this page)
Payment Information
Payment Method
A) Cheques / International Money Orders
Payments for the full amount are to be made out to Dance Theatre Arts LLP.
Tuition Room & Board
(includes accommodation & all meals) Ground Transport in Singapore (optional)
(Optional for returning students who own an EZ-linkcard. Do bring along enough S$ in the event that you may need to top up this card.) Discount Package
S$ 300 S$250 S$20 International Student

Please indicate your child’s name/s behind each cheque.
Please mail the completed application form with payment to :
Dance Theatre Arts Summer Dance Workshop
Blk 232A Serangoon Avenue 2
#07-129 Singapore 551232

NB: Whilst full payment by cheque / money order is preferable before commencement of the workshop, we do understand that this may not be convenient for some of our international friends. Hence, we will accept cash payment (in Singapore dollars only) on the first day of the workshop.

Application for Dance Theatre Arts Summer Dance Workshop 2011
International Applicant (11yrs +)

Date: May 30th – June 3rd 2011
Time: 10am – 6pm
Venue: Cairnhill Community Centre
1 Anthony Road Singapore

Name ___________________________________ Age ______ Date of Birth __________________
Current Working Email (all future correspondences will be made to this account)
Current Dance School / Teacher

Mother’s Name _____________________________ Father’s Name ___________________________
Contact Numbers _________________(own) __________________(mum) _________________(dad)
Address _____________________________________________________________________________

I will require Dance Theatre Arts to arrange accommodation during my stay in Singapore . Yes / No

I currently own a Singapore EZ-Link card Yes / No

Electives Selected (Please refer to the schedule when selecting your electives)

1) _________________________ 2)_________________________ 3)_________________________
Rules Agreement
• I understand that the staff , teachers and leaders are in a place of authority for my benefit and protection and I will honour their leadership while I am attending this workshop.

• I realize that there will be people from many different backgrounds attending this workshop and I will show respect for all.
• I understand that students are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct at all time. As a participant, I will be willing to adhere to the guidelines and rules of the workshop.

• I will not hold Dance Theatre Arts responsible for any mishaps that occur during the workshop

• I plan to enjoy and have a great time.

Signature of Applicant / Date


Signature of Parent / Date


Photo / Videography Release
(To be completed by ALL participants)

Dear Students and Parents,
We often update our website and promotional materials and may use some pictures and video footage from previous workshops. Pictures and video footage may be used in future brochures and other publications representing general workshop settings. Photos and videography would never be intentionally used in such a way to reflect negatively on their subjects. Please read and sign the release below.


I, ______________________________ parent of ___________________________ (students’ name), grant to Dance Theatre Arts the right and permission to make, reuse and / publish photographs or video tapings of my child, which may be in connection to their publicity and promotional materials. I waive any right to inspect or approve the photos or videos that will be used.

Parent’s Signature / Date


Medical Information Form
(To be completed by ALL students)

Name: _______________________________________________
This information is kept confidential. We require this information for instructors to work best with you/ your child. Please circle appropriately and provide necessary detail or doctor’s information
Do you have any existing health conditions (asthma, heart conditions, epilepsy etc):
No/ Yes

Do you have any physical disabilities/ major injuries/ Learning Difficulties:
No/ Yes

Do you take regular medication: No/ Yes

Parents Signature / Date

(Please return this page by May 25th 2011)

Transportation Form

Name: __________________________________________


Trip to Singapore

Departure Date Departure Time Flight/ Bus/ Train Number From
(City) To
(City) Arrival Time

Trip Home

Departure Date Departure Time Flight/ Bus/ Train Number From
(City) To
(City) Arrival Time

Travel by Private Car

Arrival Singapore: Date _____________________ Estimated time of Arrival: ____________________

Departure from Singapore: Date : _____________ Estimated time of Departure: __________________

YES, I will require Dance Theatre Arts’ to provide a pick up and drop off service on arrival and departure days.

NO, I will not require Dance Theatre Arts’ to provide a pick up and drop off service on arrival and departure days.

(Please do not return this page)
Dresscode / Etiquette for Class

Female Participants
• Leotard / Ballet dress (preferably no black or fancy cross backs).
• Pink Ballet tights / Convertible tights must be worn to its full length to cover feet.
• Soft ballet shoes. Demi pointes / pointe shoes. May be worn for advanced students
• Hair must be done up neatly in a bun.
• All undergarments worn must not be in view.
• Street clothing may not be worn over dancewear. If you must a small dance skirt / dance shorts will be allowed.

Male Participants
• Standard Ballet dance attire / T-shirt and pants which are not too baggy.
• Soft ballet shoes

Jazz / Contemporary / Conditioning
Male / Female Participants
• Jazz shoes, or soft ballet shoes
• Street wear may be worn over dance wear. Convertible ballet tights may be rolled up.

Open Day Presentation Class
Please ensure that you have a pair of ballet tights without holes or rips. Properly stitched up tights with thread of a like colour is permitted. All undergarments worn must not be in view.
If you require additional dancewear for the week, you may purchase from us. Fill out the attached Order Form.
Although we will be carrying stock throughout the week, we cannot guarantee that we will have your size. It is best to have all dancewear settled prior to commencement of the workshop.

Dancewear Order Form
Dance Wear Order Form
Please tick the items you require and return this form together with your payment. Please make out a separate cheque payment, and indicate “Dancewear for (your child’s name)” at the back. All cheques to be made out to Dance Theatre Arts LLP.

Item Size Quantity Price
Ballet Shoes (All Levels)
(Please return form together with a tracing of your foot). $28.00
Capezio Dress (Suitable for 3to 9yrs old) $35.00
Ballet Socks (Creative Dance) $4.00
Royal Blue Leotard (Junior- Advance) $30.00
Convertible Tights $18.00
Character Skirt (Junior- Advance) $40.00
Character Shoes (Junior- Advance)
(Please return form together with a tracing of your foot). $60.00
Body Stocking $30.00
Practice Tutu (Elementary onwards) $50.00
Tutu bag $28.00
Jazz Shoes
(Please return form together with a tracing of your foot). $40.00
Jazz Pants $30.00
Bun Kit $2.00


International Participants

Items to be returned.

• Completed application forms (pgs 8&9)

• Cheque Payment (Please include the name/s of all the participants paid for plus discount package if any)

• Photo / Videography release form (pg 10)

• Medical Information form (pg 11)

• Transportation forms, due by May 23th 2011 (pg 13)

• (Optional) Dancewear Order Form (pg 14)
Please make out a separate cheque and indicate “Dancewear for (your child’s name).” at the back.



on december , my ballet school ( ballet sumber cipta ) willmake a performance ( every year ) name nutcracker , on june , the principal and owner of the school is gonna divide the part. I HOPE , i can got the big , great , harder , part like the fairies AMIN , wish me got that part !!!!!!!!





Tokoh Islam

Kyai Haji Ahmad Dahlan (lahir di Yogyakarta, 1 Agustus 1868 – meninggal di Yogyakarta, 23 Februari 1923 pada umur 54 tahun) adalah seorang Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia. Ia adalah putera keempat dari tujuh bersaudara dari keluarga K.H. Abu Bakar. KH Abu Bakar adalah seorang ulama dan khatib terkemuka di Masjid Besar Kasultanan Yogyakarta pada masa itu, dan ibu dari K.H. Ahmad Dahlan adalah puteri dari H. Ibrahim yang juga menjabat penghulu Kesultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat pada masa itu.
Nama kecil KH. Ahmad Dahlan adalah Muhammad Darwis. Ia merupakan anak keempat dari tujuh orang bersaudara yang keseluruhan saudaranya perempuan, kecuali adik bungsunya. Ia termasuk keturunan yang kedua belas dari Maulana Malik Ibrahim, salah seorang yang terkemuka di antara Walisongo, yaitu pelopor penyebaran agama Islam di Jawa.[1] Silsilahnya tersebut ialah Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Maulana Ishaq, Maulana 'Ainul Yaqin, Maulana Muhammad Fadlullah (Sunan Prapen), Maulana Sulaiman Ki Ageng Gribig (Djatinom), Demang Djurung Djuru Sapisan, Demang Djurung Djuru Kapindo, Kyai Ilyas, Kyai Murtadla, KH. Muhammad Sulaiman, KH. Abu Bakar, dan Muhammad Darwisy (Ahmad Dahlan). Pada umur 15 tahun, ia pergi haji dan tinggal di Mekah selama lima tahun. Pada periode ini, Ahmad Dahlan mulai berinteraksi dengan pemikiran-pemikiran pembaharu dalam Islam, seperti Muhammad Abduh, Al-Afghani, Rasyid Ridha dan Ibnu Taimiyah. Ketika pulang kembali ke kampungnya tahun 1888, ia berganti nama menjadi Ahmad Dahlan.
Pada tahun 1903, ia bertolak kembali ke Mekah dan menetap selama dua tahun. Pada masa ini, ia sempat berguru kepada Syeh Ahmad Khatib yang juga guru dari pendiri NU, KH. Hasyim Asyari. Pada tahun 1912, ia mendirikan Muhammadiyah di kampung Kauman, Yogyakarta.Sepulang dari Mekkah, ia menikah dengan Siti Walidah, sepupunya sendiri, anak Kyai Penghulu Haji Fadhil, yang kelak dikenal dengan Nyai Ahmad Dahlan, seorang Pahlawanan Nasional dan pendiri Aisyiyah. Dari perkawinannya dengan Siti Walidah, KH. Ahmad Dahlan mendapat enam orang anak yaitu Djohanah, Siradj Dahlan, Siti Busyro, Irfan Dahlan, Siti Aisyah, Siti Zaharah. Disamping itu KH. Ahmad Dahlan pernah pula menikahi Nyai Abdullah, janda H. Abdullah. la juga pernah menikahi Nyai Rum, adik Kyai Munawwir Krapyak. KH. Ahmad Dahlan juga mempunyai putera dari perkawinannya dengan Nyai Aisyah (adik Adjengan Penghulu) Cianjur yang bernama Dandanah. Ia pernah pula menikah dengan Nyai Yasin Pakualaman Yogyakarta. KH. Ahmad Dahlan dimakamkan di KarangKajen, Yogyakarta.


A. Cerita Versi Saya :

Suatu hari , ada seorang raja dari Prigia yang bernama Raja Midas. Pada Saat itu , ia ingin menjadi sangat kaya dan memiliki banyak emas. Sehingga, tidak ada yang bisa mengalahkan kekayaannya. Setiap hari, ia hanya memikirkan kekayaan, kekayaan, dan kekayaan. Ia berpikir , jika ia bisa mengubah apapun yang ia sentuh menjadi emas. Dengan begitu, ia bisa menjadi sangat kaya.
Suatu hari, Raja Midas kedatangan tamu yaitu Bakus sang dewa anggur. Raja Midas pernah menolong Bakus. Bakus sangat berterimakasih sehingga kedatangannya itu untuk membalas budi kepada sang raja. “ Halo Midas , bagaimana kabarmu ?” tanya Bakus. “ Hai Bakus, lama tidak nongol. Sibuk di alam dewa ya?” tanya Midas balik. “ Dari langit, aku melihatmu sedang sedih dan memikirkan sesuatu. Apa yang kamu pikirkan sih? Mungkin aku bisa bantu” tanya Bakus. “Aku sedang memikirkan jika aku bisa mengubah apapun yang aku sentuh menjadi emas” jawab Raja Midas. “Kalau memang itu yang kau inginkan, baiklah aku akan mengabulkannya” kata Bakus dan dia mengabulkannya lalu ia pergi.
Untuk mencoba kekuatannya, Raja Midas menyentuh singgasananya, dan tiba-tiba, singgasananya berubah menjadi emas! Raja Midas sangat senang karena apapun yang ia sentuh menjadi emas. Kemudian, Raja Midas pergi ke taman dan menyentuh pohon, kupu-kupu, serta capung dan seketika semua itu menjadi emas. Bahkan rumput yang ia injak menjadi emas juga. Raja Midas mengatakan dengan congkak bahwa kekayaannya tidak ada yang menandingi.
Seharian, Raja Midas berada di taman yang sudah menjadi emas. Raja Midas merasa lapar sehingga ia menyuruh pelayan-pelayannya untuk menyiapkan makan. Lalu pelayannya datang dan membawa makanan yang bermacam-macam. Raja Midas mengambil piring untuk makan, lalu piringnya menjadi emas dan ia memerkan pada pelayannya. Bahkan apel dan anggur dan ingin ia makan pun menjadi emas. Pelayan yang tidak sengaja ia sentuh juga menjadi emas. Raja Midas bingung karena tidak bisa makan dan semua menjadi emas.
Ia memohon dan menangis kepada Bakus agar kekuatannya di hilangkan. Tetapi hal itu tidak bisa dilakukan karena Apolo sang dewa musik menghalangnya, ia melakukan itu karena Raja Midas pernah menghina Apolo saat lomba musik dan kebetulan Midas menjadi jurinya. Dan saat itu Apolo sakit hati. Raja Midas dikutuk oleh Apolo. Setiap hari telinga Raja Midas memanjang. Awalnya hanya tumbuh bulu-bulu lalu telinganya memanjang seperti keledai.
Sang raja mengancam pelayannya agar tidak memberitahukan hal ini ke siapa-siapa. Suatu ketika, salah satu pelayannya membisikan sesuatu ke lubang angin bahwa Raja Midas bertelinga kedelai. Ia melakukan itu karena ingin melepaskan beban di hati. Suara itu memantul, memantul, dan memantul karena ada pohon tebu yang tinggi dan lentur yang bersifat memantulkan suara. Semua rakyat Prigia tahu berita itu dan mereka semua tertawa. “ Pantas saja Raja Midas tidak pernah keluar istana. Oh sekarang telinganya menjadi telinga keledai” kata salah satu warga.”Ha...ha..ha.. makanya jangan sombong jadi raja” kata rakyatnya lagi. Sejak saat itu, Raja Midas tidak pernah sombong lagi karena malu. Apolo menghukumnya agar Raja sadar dan tidak mengulangi kesalahannya lagi.

B. Latar :
• Waktu :
- Suatu hari
- Dahulu
- Suatu ketika
- Seharian
• Tempat :
- Taman
- Prigia
- Istana

C. Pesan Pengarang :
Jangan sekali-kali meminta hal yang dapat merugikan diri sendiri dan orang lain, serta jangan sombong jika ingin disukai orang lain.

D. Tokoh Favorit :
Bakus : - Watak : baik hati dan suka menolong
- Alasan : dia telah memenuhi permintaan sebagai balas budi , dan sudah mau membantu Raja Midas untuk menghilangkan kekuatannya (tapi dia dihalangi oleh apolo)
- Bukti : halaman : 117 = “Bakus berniat untuk membalas
budi “
119 = “ Apolo melarang Bakus untuk
membantu Midas “